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Octopus Energy

Southern Dried Fish uses Octopus Energy for our electricity.

We do so because they reduce our energy costs, offer 100% green renewable energy, and their service is very good.  

The background is that we had long been with one of the Big Six suppliers. We'd never had any problems with service. The costs, though, just kept rising. And even a switch to a fixed tariff only maintained existing costs, rather than offer real reductions. 

When we looked at alternatives, we found that many smaller suppliers had very poor ratings for quality of service.

For a balance of significant cost reduction, renewable energy, and quality of service, we found that Octopus Energy offered the best of all three.

Should you decide that Octopus Energy is for you, when you use the link below to obtain a quote, and decide to transfer, you will receive a credit of £50 from Octopus Energy. We also shall receive a credit of £50.


Link :   Octopus Energy

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