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Bombay Duck is dried bombil fish from Southern Asia. Lovers of  Bombay Duck eat it as a curry side dish, served as a starter, or crumbled over curry and rice as a garnish.

  The Taste of Bombay Duck
".. somewhere between an old pork crackling, an anchovy, and
 a piece of driftwood. The taste, heavenly ..
"  [ BBC Review ]

Bombil, also known as bomil, flourish in the Arabian Sea of Western India, and are a rich source of iron and omega-3 fish oils. They are fished from November to January. The bomil are then washed, filleted and sun-dried on bamboo frames.

Southern Dried Fish are a specialist supplier of Bombay Duck since 2003. We stock the best quality Bombay Duck, and pack in re-sealable bags for convenience and ease of storage.